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Telematics Africa Limited is your leading provider of fleet management systems based in Nairobi, Kenya with subsidiaries in East and Central Africa. We continue to build our reputation by providing quality solutions to our customers & pride ourselves in our professionalism and adopt consultative approach to all our customers by offereing quality & friendly solutions that are easy to use with exceptional value for their money.

We respect the fact that no one knows more about your business challenges and goals than you do.Once we have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements for success, we use our industry-leading expertise, proven track record of product and service excellence and powerful network of partners to provide your company with a total fleet management solution; one that gives you the very best tools, data and processes needed to create quantum leaps in productivity, efficiency and profit for your entire business. Our business objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction through the provision of software, products and services that meets our customer's requirements and substantially add value to their business.

Fleet Management

    We provide Total Fleet Management Solution that will enable you realize how much your company gains or loses on a daily basis based on fleet operations, uncontrolled fuel management, fuel theft and vehicle abuse through reckless driving & unnecessary milage.

Our Mission

    To achieve total customer satisfaction through the provision of fleet and fuel management products and services that meet our customers' requiremnts and substantially add value to their business.

Our Vision

    Provision of efficient and effective solution for cost reduction in fleet and fuel management.

Values & Principles

    1.Accountability   2. Balance

    3. Community     4. Diversity

    5. Empowerment   6.Innovation

    7. Integrity         8. Ownership

Why Telematics Africa Limited?



    Telematics Africa offer detailed scoping to help identify ways to streamline your processes and fully benefit from implementing a fleet management information systems into your business.

  • Flexible Fleet Management Solutions

    We have invested in a team of highly quaified personnel with vast experience in Total Fleet Management Solutions. We are dealers in Fleet Management solutions namely:



    This is a Web-based Fleet Management workshop software system package that will computerize your workshop (Repairs & Maintenance), Computerize and manage your stores (Full Inventory Control), Capture drivers and accidents data,capture and report on fuel usage,etc



    This is a powerful Web application, designed to display and manage data and alerts from on-board fleet management devices. It is generally installed on a central server, and not at the fleet office, so the application is always accessible via the Internet.



    These systems are intalled on a fuel pump and it automatically becomes the "Fuel Manager". Unauthorized fueling from the pump then becomes impossible.
    For every authorized fueling, it logs and reports Identity of the vehicle taking fuel,Date of fueling, Date of fueling,pump attendant



    Orpak’s ForeSite software includes everything required for service station operation management, with three main modules based on Orpak's highly successful SiteOmat™ and SystOr solutions:
    1.Forecourt Controller
    2.Back Office
    3.Point of Sale (POS)

    How You Will Benefit by investing on our Fleet Management Systems


    The System will:
    » Improve management and cut down on fuel theft by almost 60%
    » Reduce vehicle abuse and control reckless driving through computerized driver monitoring and offline/online reporting
    » Cut down and control unnecessary and unauthorized mileage
    » You will be able to set budgets and guidelines on the system and then rate fleet performances against them thus enabling them to
    effectively run their fleet without under-utilization or over-utilization.
    » The system will be able to regulate man-hour with the workshop output and enhance their workshop efficiency by almost 60%
    » Eliminate unnecessary expenses in the workshops i.e repeat jobs, over issuing of vehicle spares, consumables
    » stealing of spares will be controlled
    » Provide proper management of Road-Tax, tlb, Insurance etc
    » Improve accident management and control
    » Control usage of tyres and tubes
    » Ensure servicing of vehicle in time without delay
    » Give proper analysis reports based on vehicle history, book-of life, CPK/KPL over lifetime, YTD consolidated running cost analysis, and
    VMRS reports.These reports are handy when it comes to making decisions on replacing your fleet.

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    Telematics Africa Ltd
    Telematics Africa Limited(TAL) family is made up of a team of dedicated,talented and skilled individuals who are always at hand to provide you with the best hospitality and service you could ask for. Telematics Africa holds strong to the belief that we are a solution and service provider and not just a technology supplier.










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