Telematics Africa Limited is your leading provider of Fleet Management Systems and we build our reputation by providing quality solutions to our customers.

Total Fleet Management Solutions

Management Repair & Maintenance

Our systems enable an organisation to effectively manage its fleet and keep track of repairs done, spare parts movement and personnel(Labour) management.

Reduction of accidents

Puts drivers and fleet in check and supervision easy and fair.

Increase of productivity

Our systems ensure there is value for money. It will be able to regulate man-hour with workshop output and enhance efficiency by almost 60%

Reduction of company liabilities

The systems are built with efficiency and robust to improve on customer reliance to the products.

Control of fuel bills

The systems improves management of fuel and cut down on fuel theft by almost 60%

Improve employee and fleet safety

With our systems one is assured of improved safety on vehicles and personnel and hence give maximum output.

What We Do

We provide Total Fleet Management Solution that will enable you realize how much your company gains or loses on a daily basis based on fleet operations, uncontrolled fuel management, fuel theft and vehicle abuse through reckless driving & unnecessary milage.

Our Products

Our Mission and speciality