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Workshop Management Software

Cradle to Grave Workshop Management Software

The complete lifecycle of cars, vans, trucks, trailers, tractors, forklifts, cranes, containers and every other asset in your fleet can be managed using our fleet management software, The Worshop Software - from acquisition to disposal.

The Worshop Software can incorporate all your fixed costs and variable operating expenses, from utilisation, maintenance, compliance and accidents through to remarketing. You can easily query, sort, filter and report on data within the system.

Your fleet is at the core of everything you do. Keeping your vehicles safely on the road is your priority, and using a reliable system to help manage your fleet is essential. Keep your fleet moving with our smarter fleet management software, FleetWave.

Range of Functions in the Workshop Management Software

Vehicle/Asset Management

Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance

Vehicle Defects Management

Driver Management

Fuel Management

Accident & Risk Management

Parts & Inventory Management

Regulatory & Legal Compliance

Vehicle Financing (Procurement & Leasing)

Cost of Ownership Analysis

Car Pool Management

Customizable Reports

Get actionable insights
Create and view analytics, predict trends and generate graphical reports in real-time. So you can make informed decisions, overcome challenges, and act fast to seize opportunities.
Create bespoke reports
Make it easy for your people to get the details they need, with dashboards that can be tailored to the individual user, job role, departments and more.
Set up notifications
Stay organised, efficient, and compliant with automated dashboard reminders every step of the way. From calendar alerts, to maintenance prompts and driver licence checks.
Centralised Management
Monitor drivers, vehicles, workshops and more – from one place – giving you total visibility and greater control over your whole fleet and assets.
Accessible Admin
Keep virtual paperwork in order: input and manage orders; capture and store relevant information and documents, such as contracts, photos, driver profiles and technical specs.
Shared access
Grant secure access to colleagues when you need to, so they can get information, record activities and upload documents that you can share, reducing the amount of admin you all need to do.
Instant Analysis
Use every asset more efficiently with real-time KPI tracking and analysis. This helps you see where you can rapidly reduce costs and get a return on investment. Plus, power-up your productivity and offer customers new services.
Supercharge Scaling
Our system can keep up no matter how large your organisation grows. You can keep using our solution, even if you’re managing multiple sites, workshops or regions. Or if you’re in charge of several fleets, each with complex and diverse needs – it’s a smart way to keep things simple.
Mobilise your team
Keep everyone connected and informed on their phones, laptops or tablets. And put the information they need in reach.

Fleetwave & Third Party Software Integrations

Discover Powerful Integrations

A wide range of helpful integrations are available with FleetWave, such as:

GPS & telematics – pull in odometers, driver behaviour, geolocation and more

Accounting and finance providers – for easier accounting & tax management

Parts and service providers – for detailed visibility of all repairs and inventory

And more…

The FleetWave Brochure

Our asset maintenance and management system works efficiently whether you’re in charge of asset, fleet or operations management. It gives you the capability to store data, measure analytics and prepare actionable reports. As a result, you make informed choices for business growth and development.

Our asset management software also evolves alongside your business operations. It automatically tracks and records performance so you don’t have to do it manually. This effectively reduces downtime.

For more information and a full list of features of the asset and fleet management system, take a look at our brochure.

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