About Us

Company profile

Telematics Africa Limited is your leading provider of fleet management systems based in Nairobi, Kenya with subsidiaries in East and Central Africa.

We continue to build our reputation by providing quality solutions to our customers & pride ourselves in our professionalism and adopt consultative approach to all our customers by offereing quality & friendly solutions that are easy to use with exceptional value for their money.

We respect the fact that no one knows more about your business challenges and goals than you do.Once we have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements for success, we use our industry-leading expertise, proven track record of product and service excellence and powerful network of partners to provide your company with a total fleet management solution; one that gives you the very best tools, data and processes needed to create quantum leaps in productivity, efficiency and profit for your entire business.

Our business objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction through the provision of software, products and services that meets our customer's requirements and substantially add value to their business.

We are dealers of Fleet Management products namely Smart log / Fleetlog and Fuel log from E-Drive Technology based in Isreal and Roadbase (Workshop Software) from Chevin Computer Systems Ltd in United Kingdom within Eastern and Central Africa.

Our Partners

Telematics Africa Ltd has a strong partnership with fleet management product providers. In doing so, we are able to provide the best link between various providers and our clients, thereby maximizing returns and reducing cost of managing fleets. Some of our partners include:

  1. 1. E-Drive Technology
    E-Drive Technology (EDT) designs and markets automotive telematics systems and provides a wide range of fleet and fuel management solutions. EDT has been serving the worldwide commercial fleet management, automotive OEM, aftermarket sectors, mobile tankers and oil jobbers since 1988. E-Drive Technology constantly develops new products to increase your corporate bottom line with innovative fleet and fuel management solutions. With over 4,000 customers and more than 200,000 installations in vehicles across five continents, EDT is committed to continually provide our clients with the most advanced vehicle telematics solutions. Click here to read more

  2. 2. Chevin Fleet Solution
    Chevin Fleet Solutions is a leading provider of fleet management software and the first company in the world to offer web-based fleet management systems, FleetWave, back in 2001. A pioneer of tackling fleet inefficiencies through the use of fleet software, Chevin has been helping organisations across the globe, of all sizes and fleet complexities, streamline processes, improve performance and reduce cost for over two decades. Click here to read more