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Asset Management is an invaluable tool when it comes to the efficiency of your fleet operation…

If it’s not already on your radar, asset management is the concept that you can gain a complete understanding of the way your fleet operates by simply collecting and analysing data on everything from the acquisition, operation and cost of each individual asset.

While whole lifecycle cost predictions are useful, asset management is a step further, turning those predicted figures into reality and analysing them to see where strengths and weaknesses lie in your business.

Making sense of the data, however, requires advanced software, but once you’ve drilled down to see how your fleet is working, you can set about making changes that could positively impact your business as a whole.

Not convinced? Here’s our top 10 reasons to get started on that all-important asset management plan.

Posted by   Polycarp Olalo                  

System integration – how it can improve fleet operations?

If your business operates a fleet, you will probably need access to a variety of data sources to efficiently manage vehicles, drivers and other related aspects. Whatever the type of information you are managing, chances are it will, conventionally, exist across a number of applications, systems and suppliers in your business.

For example, accounting software may hold your most up-to-date and relevant customer details, meanwhile asset management systems could hold details on the equipment you own, your maintenance schedules and stock inventory.

But what is system integration?

In the context of IT, integration is an automated exchange of electronic data between software applications.
The main benefits of this is removing manual data entry and harmonizing information across systems and suppliers, but it can also provide consolidated visibility over information previously held in multiple locations.


☑ Eliminating redundant processes
☑ Improving accuracy and enforcing standards
☑ Gaining a harmonized view of information
☑ Driving process improvements

Posted by   Polycarp Olalo                  

Fuel Fraud. Are You Losing out?

Unfortunately, fuel fraud is a fact of life for many fleets – and one that’s costly – so it’s vital that you have the means to highlight a number of tell-tale signs for spotting it. For example, you should ask yourself:

☑ Do mileage figures provided by the driver correlate with odometer readings?
☑ Does the volume of fuel listed on a receipt exceed the vehicles’ maximum fuel tank capacity?
☑ Has the driver purchased the correct type of fuel?
☑ Is the vehicle’s MPG reading unusually low?

Posted by   Polycarp Olalo                  

Essential Things to Know About Fuel Management

Even with advances in technology, fuel continues to account for around one-third of a typical fleet’s running cost – meaning there’s big opportunities for savings if you can work out how to reduce your consumption. Fleet fuel management system providers, Telematics Africa have provided a number of fuel management solutions to help you reduce fuel costs for your fleet. The good news is, it’s really not as difficult as you might think.

Let’s say you operate a fleet of 150 vehicles …you could save around £30,000 per year by increasing your average MPG from 30 to 33.

Posted by   Polycarp Olalo                  

How To Improve Workshop Efficiency

It is not unheard of for fleets that operate workshops to sometimes view them as something of a managerial headache – but they also represent great opportunities. A well-run workshop is a strong asset that can provide you with direct control over your fleet servicing and maintenance.

Some fleets even use their workshops as a profit center by providing contract maintenance services to external customers. If you already run a shop there are a number of potential gains to be made by taking steps to improve its efficiency – including reduced costs and downtime.

So how exactly do you improve workshop efficiency?

Read on for some some simple tips…

Posted by   Polycarp Olalo                  

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Fleet Maintenance Programme

Service, maintenance & repair (SMR) costs are one of the more obscure fleet management expenses, however, companies often don’t have a clear picture of what is really going on under the bonnet.

Posted by   Polycarp Olalo