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Orpak's Foresite Software

Orpak’s ForeSite software includes everything required for service station operation management, with three main modules based on Orpak's highly successful SiteOmat™ and SystOr solutions:

Forecourt Controller - For controlling forecourt devices such as dispensers, payment terminals, and TLGs.

Back Office - Smoothly and efficiently manages station activity, including attendant management, shifts, inventory, and transactions.

Point of Sale (POS) - Hardware-independent software management of wet and dry product sales, with diverse payment options, loyalty schemes, and restaurant operation.

ForeSite allows remote online access and monitoring using any web browser, as well as full site visibility from the ForeNet Head Office Applications.

ForeSite modules can be used separately or bundled in accordance with specific customer requirements and existing site equipment. It can easily interface with 3rd party systems such as payment terminals, authorization gateways and ERP systems

ForeSite can be combined with other Orpak solutions including: ForePay Forecourt Payment, ForeNet Retail Head Office Management, and ForeFuel AVI fueling.

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