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Service Station Management Solution

Orpak System

Orpak’s ForeSite software includes everything required for service station operation management, with three main modules based on Orpak's highly successful SiteOmat™ and SystOr solutions:

Forecourt Controller - For controlling forecourt devices such as dispensers, payment terminals, and TLGs.

Back Office - Smoothly and efficiently manages station activity, including attendant management, shifts, inventory, and transactions.

Point of Sale (POS) - Hardware-independent software management of wet and dry product sales, with diverse payment options, loyalty schemes, and restaurant operation.

ForeSite allows remote online access and monitoring using any web browser, as well as full site visibility from the ForeNet Head Office Applications.

ForeSite modules can be used separately or bundled in accordance with specific customer requirements and existing site equipment. It can easily interface with 3rd party systems such as payment terminals, authorization gateways and ERP systems

ForeSite can be combined with other Orpak solutions including: ForePay Forecourt Payment, ForeNet Retail Head Office Management, and ForeFuel AVI fueling.

Solution Components

1. Point of Sale (POS) Software

A highly flexible point-of-sale software allowing the station operator to fully control the site, sell items, accept any payment means, redeem loyalty cards, and more. It supports the entire array of C-store activities, including restaurant & fast food service, bill payment, and loyalty card issuing.

The ForeSite POS has an optimal user interface for both wet and dry stock sales, and is highly intuitive requiring minimal cashier training.The system is hardware-independent, and can run on any standard industry touch-screen cash register and interfaces with industry-standard peripherals including barcode readers, scales, cash drawers, and customer displays.

The system supports the following:
1.C-store dry product sales
2.Customizable payment and cash management
3.Shift & employee management
4.Loyalty issuing, acceptance, and redemption
5.A gastro module with combos management and kitchen printer

2. Back Office system software

A comprehensive back-office management software, covering all aspects of site management, it fits any dealership system,COCO,DODO,or franchised.

The BOS facilitates real-time visibility into site activity,regardless of the dealership model. The BOS includes an array of easy-to-use, intuitive management, and reporting modules.
1.Dry and wet stock management, pricing and
2.promotions, accounting and reporting
3.Site/employee/shift management
4.C-store inventory and pricing management, with advanced promotions and discount options
5.Restaurant (gastro) management for food services
6.Wetstock management including inventory,reconciliation, deliveries, and real-time monitoring
Customer management with local accounts, discount options, and customizable payment and invoicing

3. Forecourt Interface Unit

A powerful and flexible hardware interface device providing a single point of control for multiple forecourt devices - dispensers, payment terminals, price poles, and TLGs - from an impressive array of vendors. Its unrivalled flexibility reduces deployment, implementation,and maintenance costs while providing better visibility of all equipment.

The Forecourt Interface Unit supports the following data communication interfaces: LAN, RS-485, RS-232, mechanical and proprietary dispenser interfaces. As other Orpak forecourt devices, the unit is designed to withstand the extreme environment of fuel stations

4. Orpak’s ForeHB™

Orpak’s ForeHB™ provides end-to-end automation and management homebase (C&I - Commercial / Industrial) automation solution for both fixed and mobile, attended and unattended sites, and for various segments, including transportation, logistics, municipalities, airports, ports, mining, and more.

It controls dispensers, fuel tanks, and fueling trucks using ruggedized controllers and Orpak’s field-proven SiteOmat360™ software, enabling verity of fueling authorization and payment options. ForeHB™ provides a comprehensive solution from the station or tanker truck to the head office.

It offers fleet managers the power and flexibility to manage their sites, and control distribution via the Fleet Head Office (FHO), a powerful management tool, portal, and can be interface to a payment authorization server.

Together with ForeFuel™, fleets can use automatic vehicle identification for fueling authorization, or Orpak’s ForePay™ payment terminals to support various authorization & payment methods.

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