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Fleet Tracking System

Fleet Tracking System

This is a microcomputer which is installed on a vehicle / machine and it automatically becomes a "Fleet Manager Eye" by logging every single event that happens on the vehicle or machine.

This unit, which is installed in a vehicle, logs every activity of the vehicle including the following events:

Driver identification.

Vehicle start and stop time.

Speed of the vehicle.

Time taken between each trip.

RPM (Revolution Per Minute).

Acceleration and Deceleration.

Routes followed by the vehicle (GPS).

Violation on Overspeeding, Over revving, over acceleration / deceleration, idling with engine running etc.

Trip Distance/trip costs

Last five minutes data before accident

Opening and closing of doors.

Business / Private mileage covered by each driver / vehicle.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel siphoining (fuel theft).

Driver performance.

and much more ....

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