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Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is a recent innovation by auto insurers that more closely aligns driving behaviors with premium rates for auto insurance. Mileage and driving behaviors are tracked using odometer readings or in-vehicle telecommunication devices (telematics) that are usually self-installed into a special vehicle port or already integrated in original equipment installed by car manufactures. The basic idea of telematics auto insurance is that a driver's behavior is monitored directly while the person drives.

These telematics devices measure a number of elements of interest to underwriters: miles driven; time of day; where the vehicle is driven (GPS); rapid acceleration; hard braking; and hard cornering. The level of data collected generally reflects the telematics technology employed and the policyholders’ willingness to share personal data. The insurance company then assesses the data and charges insurance premiums accordingly. For example, a driver who drives long distance at high speed will be charged a higher rate than a driver who drives short distances at slower speeds.

Auto Correct motor insurance is a new kind of comprehensive motor private insurance policy from Heritage Insurance in patnership with Telematics Africa Limited For the first time in Kenya, this partnership has made it possible to design and launch Auto Correct, a telematics insurance product that:
1. Rewards you for safe driving
2. Makes claims processing easy
3. Potentially reduces insurance cost for safe drivers through premium cashback.
4. Provides up to date driver feedback

A telematics device is fitted in your vehicle.The device sends driving style information to Heritage Insurance that is analysed to find out how safely you drive.Heritage Insurance provides you with a summary of the information collected from you telematics device on your mobile phone.This includes your driving score, tips on how to improve your, a review of your trips among others.

Benefits of Auto Correct

1. Get up to 15% cash back on annual paid premiums
2. Rewards good driving through a loyalty program.
3. Provides access to a mobile app and an online portal that provides up-to date driver feedback.
4. Provides useful information which can speed up the claims process.

Information Collected by the telematics device

1. Distance travelled
2. The time of the day or night
3. Your driving style, how you accelerate, brake and negotiate corners.

The device is also capable of collecting information on other engine functions such as temperature and engine rotations, but these are not used for insurance purposes.