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Online GPRS / GSM Tracking System

This is a powerful Web application, designed to display and manage data and alerts from on-board fleet management devices manufactured by EDT, including the Universal Unit, SmartLog, and Platinum product series.

The solution is generally installed on a central server, and not at the fleet office, so the application is always accessible via the Internet. This also insures that you are always working with the latest WorldFleetLog version.

WorldFleetLog enables you to review your team’s driving activities and to generate reports and analysis based on parameters such as trip, date, time, task and much more.

With WorldFleetLog, you can view detailed driver behavior trends from data collected over any period. In addition to recording driver and vehicle data, WorldFleetLog collects a wide range of business-oriented information based on definable parameters in order to generate timely reports for analysis.

Core Features

Online Maps: Access the Online Maps page to immediately see where your vehicles are located. This is a faster loading version of the more detailed, separate Online Maps page accessed via the Online command in the WorldFleetLog Menu Bar.

Map Regions: Manage new and existing regions, and define and set alerts when your vehicles enter or leave the defined regions.

Fleet Reports: Access reports related to fleet, fuel, vehicle, driver performance, and business-oriented analyses

Fuel Reports: Access reports related to:
Fuel pump data based on Fuel In and Fuel Out information
Fuel management reports based on vehicles
Fuel data based on attendants
Miscellaneous reports – used mostly to manage devices, fuel out and permission status

Groups and Alerts Administration: Create and manage groups and access important device settings. In addition, the Menu Bar allows access to all available modules based on user permissions.